"The Great Gatsb"y - this is a SOCRATIC essay.

What is the significance of the debasement of women in The Great Gatsby? The early cardinal grosbeak hundreds was a time of political reform for women. The Congressional shopping mall for Women Suffrage was formed in 1914, the National Womans Party was created in 1916, and the 19th Amendment, which granted womens suffrage, was ratified in 1920. Even though the crusade for womens rights was successful, the majority of the population still saw women as second-class citizens. F. Scott Fitzgerald successfully demonstrates the actual treatment of women in the twenties in The Great Gatsby. One of the most obvious representations of the vexation of women is when Tom breaks myrtles nose. Mr. McKee, a witness to this act of brutality, is sleeping on the couch as the confrontation began. He is roused from his nap by myrtles long broken wail of pain and starts in a daze toward the door. He then turns around and stares at the do-or-die(a) forecast on the couch bleeding fluently a nd continues bulge come on the door (p. 41). He then proceeds to casually enquire Nick to lunch any old time. This indifferent state to such violence exhibits the lack of respect towards women shown by legion(predicate) an(prenominal) a man in that time period. Toms deficiency of continence was his way of exerting power over his mistress. His attains also illustrate his brutality. He is considered one of the members of high society, yet acts animalistic in his re actions to Myrtle saying the name of his wife.
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If he truly were high class, wouldnt he have the decency to act like it? His contradiction of word and action reveals the overall hypocrisy of the high society in the 1920s. The bordering employment of the d! ebasement of women is subtle. At the commencement of chapter three, Nick discusses Gatsbys parties on... Nice evince! The essay thoroughly analyzed the Great Gatsby thoroughly and it showed me an sleaziness that does not exist today and he showed how terrifying the iniquity was. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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