Greeks And Romans

History 202 Dr. Vivian 11/2/09 Greeks and Romans There were quite a bit of legacies the Greeks and the Romans passed on to the western civilization. The men and women lived lives that were completely incompatible from each other; their rules of behavior were harsh. One of them was the way they interact their women, they believed that women were useless and only good for cleaning, cooking and having children. They were not allowed to go out in public, unless they were a slave or a woman of high class because they believed that women could not refuse existence seduced. They too were not allowed to speak their mind and could not land part in legal rights. A majority of the women got unite at a young age to men who were nearly disco biscuit years older than them (Levack, pg. 79). One of the peachy influences the Greeks and the Romans had on the west was bondage. They did not look at slavery to be untimely but instead they looked at it to be normal, slavery set off to increase dramatically almost 600 B.C.E. The Greeks and Romans were able to stir up a lot of their slaves because of the Persian Wars. The slaves were required to follow many regulations much(prenominal) as they could not voting or participate in any type of governmental or legal rights.
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They in addition could not become citizens, the owner of the slave could kill them and without having to contribute a serious penalty, they could similarly command sexual favors from their slaves. more of the slaves they had worked in the police magnate or were talented artisans and almost of them were businessmen (Leavack, 81). The Greeks and the Romans lower to attempt with each other b ecause of their divergent culture. After t! he Macedonian war took place the Romans tried to get rid of the Greek philosophers because they were shitless that the culture of the Greeks would interfere with the Romans traditional value. They also requisiteed to stay worldly-minded to their traditions of public life and thought. During this time, some of the Romans begin to accept the Greeks ideas such...If you want to get a full essay, holy order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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