The media mistakenly expect an individual to speak for a particular group, whether or not that individual truly represents the views of the entire group.

People inevitably throw the tendency of expecting an exclusive to press the wills of a particular collection where the person be coherents to, simply things are ordinarily more complex than muckles imaginatin, since every person would satisfy a crap to mix his/her own consciousness to the publics interests whether the pursual consequences are positive or not. So people should hold open in minds with the both sides of peoples features, favorableity and personality, when we seek the relationship between individuals and groups. On the one hand, undoubtedly, people are lifetime in a perticular group of people where members share the alike views toward the same things, lead with the accepted manners, evaluate things with the same standards, and progress to the goal for commonweal, any of which demand approximatelyone in this group to stand up and chatter for the public especially when they have to confront some confusions. For example, in the democratic decree, po litical leadership are elected by the public, and the governments decisions of policy will, to the most degrees, represent the peoples wills in the society, if not all, the majority. It is essential for people to expect some individuals to delegate their wills and interests, leading the society onto an upper stage, and contributing to fend off possible chaoses and confusions taking place among the public. However, on the other hand, everyone is created extraordinary with diverse cognizance, apperception and understand toward the world, due to the difference in social surroundings, such as culture, tradition and religion etc., that are realized along with the long period of educations and edifications which conduce to shape ones personality.
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