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Ross,Demontray Per 6 Study Guide 7 1.Nomination- The naming of those who volition seek office. Ex-Nominating a somebody to represent you 2.General Election-Regularly scheduled choices at which voters make the last-place s pick of office holders. Ex-When everybody choose that person 3.Caucus-A group of corresponding-minded mess who meet to select the candidates they will attendant in the upcoming election. Ex- when they formed to help elect jakes Adams. 4.Direct Primary-A intra- fellowship election. Ex- When you choose who you need to represent you party . 5.Closed Primary-A partys nominating election in which only tell party members can vote. 6.Open Primary-A partys nominating election in which any satisfactory voter can conformation a ballot. Ex- Just like we have here in Los Angeles; Post office. 7.Blanket Primary-A voting ballot in which voters receive with and the name of the people and not the party. 8.Runoff Primary- A primary in which the top two vot e- make itters in the first primary human face one another. 9.Nonpartisan Election- Elections in which the candidates ar not identified by their party label. 10.Absentee Voting-Provisions made for those unavailing to get to their regular polling places on election day. 11.Coattail Effect- When the strong vote getter candidate help to get out voters to others on the voting ticket. 12.
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Precinct- The smallest unit of measurement of election face; a voting district. 13.Polling place-The place in which voters living in a certain precinct can go and vote. 14.Ballot- The device in which voters use to cast their votes. 15. Political accomplishment Committee- The political reference p oint of special interest groups which have a! major wager in public policy. 16. Subsidy- A relent of money ordinarily from the government. 17.Soft Money-Money given to State and local party organizations for voting cerebrate activities. 18.Hard Money-Campaign money that is subject to regulation by the FEC. Short rise 1. What are the five broad categories that describe the way...If you sine qua non to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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