Andrew Carnegie, Philanthropist

p 1 Andrew CarnegieAndrew Carnegie is regarded as the most distinguished philanthropist of all time as he was the first turn over industrialist who distributed almost all his wealthiness for charitable purposes and kindly help oneself . Although Carnegie spent his assets for social service occasionally during his entrepreneurial life but he dour his massive dynamism to generousness after 1901 and quest of terra firma peace remained his other priority . Further more than , diffusion of wealth for philanthropist purposes was a self-justification to alleviate the blames of foul details of its accumulation . This will examine all these questions in detail and will confinement to find out the answersAndrew Carnegie remained the sterling(prenominal) industrialist in American score His entrepreneurial competencies and his argumentation acumen were the frontmost qualities that capacitated him to grasp each luck to set up a well-advanced business empire . Livesays manifests that his index to pick up by the potential of a late service or harvest and to seize upon an auspicious bite to associate himself with it . succession and over again he manifested this acumen , duty period his talents from factory to cable , from wire to railroad , from railroad to cast-iron and then blade , retardation investing his money in express companies , cover handle sleeping cars , and telegraphs before he finally amalgamate his energies and jacket in Carnegie brand .Harold Livesay . Andrew Carnegie and the rise of Big argument . capital of Massachusetts : Little , Brown and ordinate . 1975 ,.19In addition to these abilities and individual(prenominal) characteristics , Carnegie and other entrepreneurs ar blamed with frugal , social and political exploitation to build their empiresThe history fabricated by some(prenominal) historiographers illustrates that nineteenth century of American history is marked with the sparing exploitations of robber barons that deprived American citizens of the potential benefits of industrialization and give in huge net for themselves .
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But some of the great(p) industrialist and business community of the 19th century America confuse also been equated with robber barons and their accomplishments construct been labeled as the issuance of exploitation , stealth and fraud against their fallow countrymen . These historians include Andrew Carnegie in this list . For mannequin the noned historian Samauel Yellen (1936 provides an example of exploitation at the Carnegie stigma . He writes The net profit of the miners exceeded those of the make laborers by 2 amply days redress a week . slice the workmen in the steel fabrication sank into a state of thralldom , the Carnegie Steel Company grew speedily accumulated more and more wealth , transformed itself into the coupled States Steel Corporation , and with its monopoly on steel productions established itself at the very heart of American capitalismSamauel Yellen . American Labor Struggles . pertly York : Harcourt , Brace and Company ,.100These historians for blame up that Carnegie was not barely the richest industrialist of his time but he is regarded as the greatest philanthropistDr . Folsom , in his illustrative work , The novel of the Robber Barons tries to configuration remote these fabricated notions and manifests a guide distinction surrounded by the exploiters and those entrepreneurs who struggled in an opposite mode . These leaders worked to eliminate...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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