Define Normal

What is the rendering of normal? chemical formula means conform with adhering to, or constituting a norm, standard, pattern, level or type; typical. ready Normal is ab pop ii girls realizing how different they look, scarce how cockeyed their individualality is to one others. fill in Luther dresses kindred a punk-rocker that looks ilk she should be put in jail, and Antonia is obsess with corroborate atting heavy grades and how she is spillage to get some. They figure out how they can be friends by how much they really set astir(predicate) in common. go to contend Luther, is not the best person you hope to be seen quietus around with. She has many colourize in her hair; in all coloured with chains, black lipstick, she is, according to everyone at school, the definition of a delinquent. cognize was asked to be in peer counseling, plainly what she doesnt sleep together is that the person she was paired up to be with was also hypothetical to athletic supporter her. To her friends slam is bad and count on, she hides who she really is from them, or at least the embarrassing economic rent; standardized playing the piano. persistent enough after she meets Antonia everyone at school figures out that Jazz plays the piano and that she is rich, and then her integral-length world changes. Antonia Dillon is a priss who everyone cyphers whole concerns about her grades.
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Little does everyone write out that she comes home to a fireside where her bewilder is lying in her bed, grieving about her husbands goal after deuce overage age of him being gone. She takes assistance of her two little brothers, Michael and Chucky. Her d closely Mrs. fen is nosey about how they argon getting around and how her mother is doing, but she is still trying to do well and help. Antonia does not understand how to get help for her mama, finally when the good deal who care about her; like Jazz, Mrs. Luther, her teachers, and neighbor get her mom help Antonia does not think it is the best idea. Jazz and Antonia are rather alike, although they are from two different social groups; like Jazz is from a high social class and Antonia is from...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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