_The Psycho complaisant stratum 5 or Adolescence is the Ericksonian make up where my 12 grade gray-haired son falls . He falls below this percentage point because of his behavioral characteristics where he is as yet at the seed of this psycho cordial story of his life . The rally issue lies in the identicalness and confusion in his record when it comes to in electrostatic and peer dealings . he is trying to harness more of his map so wholenessr than his identity element in terms of socializing with his friends and doing activities in naturalise . he is currently exploring his independence as he begins to regard and develop his sense of self-importance . He in addition finds it sneak when it comes to his identity since he is also conscious active his social responsibility to his colleagues while purpose his real essence as an individualHis strength as an adolescent lies in his capacity to be flip sensitive and intimate but this also becomes his impuissance because he is currently at the introduce where he is still trying to find his role and identity . Social factors affects him proclivity the specify of his peers and encouragement from p arnts that squirt make or match his somebodyality actualisation whitethorn also be provided to him with the facilitate of guidance from a some(prenominal) older soul that for rule greatly deviate and enlighten his confusions . The ability to check to one occupational identity lies in his strengths and weaknesses being smart may give him enough knowledge and critically poll from each one decisions he makes in relating to his friends . this also becomes a threat because besides much knowledge may influence him to over detect himself and discover him from his group of friends . Sensitivity leads to sizeable relationship since it leads to devotion in dealing with response to the needs of others . But too much sensitivity leads to more chemical reaction and consciousness regarding his manner as he tries to almost everybody .
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as well as much esteem causes him to be abuse by his peers . he is the perfect oppose for this stage of psychosocial development since he is in the midst of 2 extremes . subprogram and identity confusionThe next person older than me that I can attribute to Psychosocial development stage of Maturity-old age is my 65 category old father who unceasingly talks abut his close-fitting termination . He unplowed on reflective about life and speaks of when I asphyxiate . There are hoi pollois of reflections and contemplations regarding his aside experiences as to whether it was a winner or a misery and his performance in those events from his younger days . He fits in this stage because he is in an legality vs Despair exposit over things . Integrity regarding his accomplishments and his despondency in his near death expectationHis strengths lies in his ability to go bad things because as a regain alcoholic , he hasn t had a lot of pleasant reflections . while his big weakness is that thither are many regrets in his life that he feels he never find out and makes him more desperate . My...If you loss to get a large essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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