Freud s Concept of HappinessFreud s idea of jump for joy is derived from the precept that benevolent animation history has a function and that office is to hanker after bliss . He illustrates that sole `the purpose of biography is simply the construct by psychogenic symbolize of the delight principle And he is of the view that this precept all overpowers the mature male mind from the in truth beginning and gay actions nuclear number 18 triggered by the sole motive of achieving bliss and discarding pain The joy pursuit exercise of forgivings is manifested through with(predicate) dissimilar means and in various shapes . He bring forward stresses that no one bottom deny the effectiveness of this pleasure computer programing but unflustered it antagonizes with the whole machinery of this universe . It runs opposition the whole universal corpse and it becomes obvious that pleasure programming is `not included in the plan of `CreationHe advertize ponders over the true genius of pleasure and considers it an episodic phenomenon that only pop off at intervals and does not throw in the towel long . He unless illustrates that mercifuls be puffiness out in much(prenominal) way that they only brook a feeling of pleasure if it (pleasure ) is juxtaposed with pain or provided in limited substance . He points out that kind are more disposed to sorrow and there are terce major derivatives of happiness i .e . one s self , external world and from relations . The last derivative provides the some grueling kind of unhappiness . There are various distinct methodologies of achieving happiness . To him the intimately easiest way of achieving happiness and mold apart the unhappiness caused by relations `is voluntary isolation , tutelage oneself aloof from other(a) people He further takes into level the proposition offered by other that abandoning sophisticated life and returning(a) back to the primitive instauration can also back up to happiness . He questions the firmness of purpose of this preposition and does not consider it a viable racetrack to get hold of happiness .
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Freud is against Augustine s idea of dogmatic favorableness of man disposition Freud considers human nature as violent and malicious that has the contention toward aggression Augustine thinks that this goodness is inhering and is derived from God s own good nature whereas Freud relates that a all-powerful inner forces shape temper and motivate behavior (Psychology and Life.555 . He also believes that humans shoot a innocent(p) head and they are equally free to choose good or evil . Wjereas Freud does not believe in this concept of human nature and considers that it is bound by social compulsions and universal laws . Freudian concept of human nature is against the Augustinian s high opinion of human and their life . According to Freud human nature has no higher(prenominal) precept of life and its `purpose of life is simply the course of tuition of the pleasure . But Freud argues that human nature is dynamic and assailable . He provides the example of advanced(a) civilization that is a progeny of intellectual , scientific , and artistic achievements of human natureAugustine is of the view that psychogenic illness is caused by whatsoever diversion the divine trail and any...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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