Political Science

Running Head : politicsal SCIENCE: Political ScienceNameInstitutionMemoToFromSubjectDateIt is important to production line that the cause of body politic , the provision of equal rights for all , and allowing the citizen to realize happiness and fulfillment , forms the very reasons that should declare any organisation or governance legitimate . A government that does not aim at ensuring that these values become a reality does not effulge the leave alone of the people and as such(prenominal) , should not exist . Your Excellency , it is then important of you and your sureness to note that the onus is on your ramp to champion for the universe of these absolute valuesIt is important of you to make go to secure the prospects of democracy that has seen you macrocosm elected into the highest office in the land , by reviewing the ecesis that reflects democratic ideals . It is important that this constitution makes provision for the philosophy of insularity of Powers .
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This principle requires of the court , the legislature and the executive to be autonomous of unitary almost other . This impart abate approaching cases of the topic of state interfering with the judiciary and the legislature . The danger of weakness to make these arms of the governments cosmos autonomous from one another is vividly epitomized in cases droll to the Least develop Countries (LDCs whereby the main(prenominal) Justice has at some point been make to express in an illegitimate presidential candidate (normally an outstrip issue of state , after fumble election results . In some...If you neediness to get a encompassing essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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