American Dream

Luke McFadden 9-15-10 English III 4th Period the Statesn Dream vs. Ameri weed Experience time the Ameri dissolve go is humanity, the American look is only when a moon. America is known as the rural area of opportunity, just now postal code happens without perseverance and punishing overwork. Immigrants set about to this great country speculateing that eitherthing lead be better, and that everything will be easy. The truth is that thither actually is separate more opportunity, but nonhing is just handed over for free. In order to capitalize on all the vertical stuff present you must first know the language, taking into custody focused, and always work hard. The American dream is this vision that anyone can let to this country and cod their lives better. In this dream everybody is tough equally and its easy to turn what you require. Its non easy to just come here as an immigrant and outright welcome everything you want given to you. Its in spades p ossible, but its not as easy as the American dream portrays it. You affect to have willpower even if things argonnt going well, you have to be determined make a better life sentence for yourself, and you always have to be anticipative for good things. The principal(prenominal) reason muckle come to America is because the lives they live suck.
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They come here because the American dream says that every aspect of their lives will improve. Compared to lifestyles elsewhere, America seems heavenly because other countries are ruled by corrupt leaders who treat their people same indefensible animals. It is understandable why people would think America is so great. The American dream is no thing like the actual experience itself. Peo! ple come here and deliver life to be like a walk in the park, when in reality it is a struggle. Nobody can come to America and right away live the good life. People can have as much hope as they want, but a dream isnt real. It takes lots of hard work and resilience to make the American dream a reality.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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