The Ender's Game

Enders Game Essay In Enders Game, the colonel comments that Ender bestow ins thoroughly. This is a sufficient explanation for why Ender hurts people, because when someone wins thoroughly, the somebody does non have to worry about fight anymore, and Ender does not interchangeable to fight. Ender does not turn to others for help because he believes that nobody is discharge to be in that respect to help him, because they chicane they are hard to make him stronger. Ender is not a killer, he just tries his outmatch to win his battles in one, and in every(prenominal) fight he gets placed in, he does not hump that he killed his enemy, it is save afterwards that he finds out. In the schoolyard, when Ender is fighting Stilson and knocks him down, he decides to win it now, and for all time, and kicks Stilson repeatedly while he down, even though Ender greets the unspoken rules of manly warfare (Card 7). On the shuttle, the colonel picks on Ender so that he only has one rig ht smart out of there: be the best of all. When a launchie gets grasping and decides to hit Ender, Ender gets violent and breaks the launchies arm.
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At first, Ender tries to make himself remember that he did it on accident, but changes his mind into thinking that he did it on purpose. During the lam of the Battle schooling, Ender meets with a Spanish Commander, Bonzo. Bonzo ends up hating Ender because he is let on than him, even though he doesnt postulate to have it, because of his Spanish honor. During the fights that Ender has, he does not ask for help because he knows none will part it to him. The officers at the Battle School are not doing anything because they know it will ma ke him stronger.If you want to get a luxuri! ant essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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