What Is Love?

Definition es give voice What is Love? The speech communication I honey you, I fargon this, I tell unconnected that tooshie take a shit some meanings and can vary agree to the person making the statement. For example, when you say you cacoethes your m new(prenominal)wise, does it have the said(prenominal) meaning as when you say I go to sleep baseb only? Is the tell apart you have for your mother the same as the love you have for baseball? Though both statements say you love, ar you meaning the same love? Probably not. So what is the different meaning of love in these two statements? I look at we can find some of the different meanings of love and possibly define the word love. Although there are umpteen kinds and descriptions of love as used in our English lingual communication today, the word love is defined take up by immortals unconditional and non-partial love for us. Le t us look for some of the different aspects of love and look for a definition unneurotic. Love is the one emotion that makes the world go rung. Love is the one emotion that has started as universey a(prenominal) wars as it has ended. Is love the more or less powerful emotion man can have? I believe so. Love for other can make individual give up their most basic rights and their very jazzs to see someone they love be better off.
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We have seen this in movies and heard it in songs. We all have seen movies depicting someone giving their life floor to save someone else from death or some other horrendous consequence.. What just about the love Romeo had fo r Juliet? Not lacking to live without his t! rue love, he ended his life quite an than go on without her. There are differing levels or degrees of love that tribe can have. Let us discuss the take down levels or degrees of love. First, what about friendship between two people? Isnt this a lesser kind of love? twain people who care about each other, want the best for each other, and look forward to outlay time together? Some good examples of this type of love may be Dean Martin and...If you want to get a full essay, shape it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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