The Crucible was written by a written by Arthur Miller. This password is almost the Salem Witch trials in the 1600s. on that point was an emphasis on braking the Ten Com cosmosdments with in the reputations of this book The Crucible. trey characters that stony-skint the Ten pedagogys that were emphasized in the book were Abigail William, holy Parris, and John Proctor. These were the mess that bust some of the commandments that were chief(prenominal) character in the story.         John Proctor was a man who st wiz- stony- broke commandment. one and only(a) of the commandments that he broke the one that says you sh completely non agitate adultery. He move this with Abigail Williams. I think that he was precise sorry for that sin that he committed. He was so sorry, he flush tried to apologize to his married woman scarcely in fact he was a very bad man for doing what he did with Abigail Williams. other commandment he broke was lying. You shall n on lie is the commandment that he broke. He be to his wife and to the court. Proctor was just trying to stay viable for his wife and kids that was the reason that he lied. This was non just exclusively it was needful for him to survive. He did these things for his family but on the other hit he wouldnt have to if he never committed adultery. You shall not Gods name in sword was a commandment that John Proctor broke. The reason he tell this was because he was innocent and no one conceive him and he didnt want to get hanged. The reason he withal verbalise this was he knew that the girls were lying approximately the state that were acquire killed. These are the commandments that John Proctor broke but he did it all for right and rough reasons for him self and for his love ones.         Abigail Williams was one of the characters who broke many another(prenominal) a(prenominal) of the commandments in the book. One of the commandments that she broke was yo u shall not steal is just one of many comman! dments that that Abigail broke. She steal her uncle silver and gold after doing what she did in the town. She lied about the community that she got killed. She said that they were practicing witchcraft even out though they were not doing so. She said so these things so she wouldnt get into trouble. Another Commandment that Abigail William broke was you shall not lie. She lied about the masses and said that doing witch craft. She said these things about the people she didnt uniform. The people were people were clapd and put to death. They were all innocent. The figure just believed in what she said. She acted worry the people were witches acquire they were not. Abigail overly committed adultery with John Proctor art bearing his wife was sick. She did this because she fell in love with Proctor and she knew that his wife was sick and he needed someone to love him the counselling his wife did. She knew this was rough and she still did it. With so many commandments to magnetic inclination from that Abigail broke these were just three of them.
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        Reverend Parris was one of the briny town influences in the town buy everybody knew that he broke some of the commandments, well just the ones that didnt standardized him. A commandment he broke was you shall not have an undying. Reverend Parriss idol was money. He cared about money more then everything else. He would convict people even though he knew they were innocent to get their land to crystallise money off their land. Another commandment he broke was you shall not lie, he lied about Abigail and what she was doing in the woods. He lied so that his name would not be looked upon as a bad person. He also didnt want to loose he spot as th! e empyrean of the town of Salem. He cared about himself and lied and got some people got killed from his lies. You shall not convent you neighbor is the other commandment that Parris broke. He resembling the land his friends land said they were his. He always tried to take land even though it wasnt his.         Others character in the story broke commandments like Abigail Williams, Reverend Parris, and John Proctor, even though they also charge the innocent people of witchcraft. This shows that there ways the judging in methods in town was not very good. At least the town realized their bad judgments and put an end to the cleanup spot of innocent people but this didnt happen for many years after this incident. If you want to get a bountiful essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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