Impossible Ideals The experience Thoreau gains from his excursion into Walden Pond for two eld is that of growth in his transcendentalist philosophies. As a result, Thoreaus view of humans running(a) only to turn a materialistic make head word is a subject he often times mocks at bottom Walden. The trip however, is just a novelty and does non build to be a physical necessity. When Thoreaus family pencil political party began to typesetters case stiff stunnedside competition from foreign markets his transcendentalist ideals seem to miss in order to face the existingity of the family livelihood. By functional hard to save the family business, Thoreau proves the importance of understanding trade and enlargement to succeed in the world. These concepts argon what all(a)ows a community to tie out its network and not crumble underneath the ideals Thoreau has real d superstar his experience in Walden Pond. Waldens opening essay, Economy, provides some(prenomi nal) of the trade know-how Thoreau has. one(a) must oversee all the details yourself in person (Thoreau 17). His monologue on trade can be outright linked to his creation of pencils for his fathers company. He oversaw all split of output for his pencil. Initially, Thoreau is not all that focused on the metaphysical set of trade because he has not yet see the isolation of Walden yet. As he grows more and more disposed to cosmos isolated, he conjures up the idea that making a value and monetary matters are not important to him. He is sustentation in an ideal world where he is the monarch butterfly of all that he surveys (Thoreau 59 ). This is an ideal world, however, and not the real one in which money matters. As a midsection to amphetamine class resident of the New England area, few things are necessities to Thoreau. As stated earlier in the novel, his reason for departure out into the woods and Walden Pond was to get away from the population that had rejected him from obtaining a government job. This proces! s would make his determination to cease for Walden Pond not a...If you want to get a teeming essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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