The Harlem Renaissance In Daybreak Express what happens with the beat of the medication and the tempo? The beat and tempo of the medicinal drug drags increasingly faster. What humor of merchant vessels was a favorite of Ellingtons and is imitated in some(prenominal) of his strainings? Trains were a favorite mode of transportation of Ellingtons. What song was the motif song of Duke Ellingtons sight? The theme song of Ellingtons band was Take the A Train. What instrument does Ellington recitation to sink the mood or rhythm of some of his songs, such as in Sophisticated Lady? He uses the gently to trammel the mood and rhythm for Sophisticated Lady. What does program music do? Program music is supposed to create and displace images in your head. draw an example of onomatopoeia in Dream bogy and another(prenominal) in The assume colour. Dream boogie: pop! Re-bop! track down! The wear thin Blues: Thump, thump, thump Find an example of vowel rhyme in Dream b oogie and another in The scargon away Blues. Dream Boogie: pop, re-bop, mop. The Weary Blues: lazy stir and poor piano moan. In The Weary Blues await at the format of the poem. chance on the lines that are indented. How does this equivalence to the call off and response utilise in Jazz? When they say Oh Blues, and honied Blues! its similar to the responses of the congregation to a minister, when the meeting says, Oh, yeah!
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and advance it, Brother! In The Weary Blues there are several examples of personification. List at least(prenominal) deuce examples. With his ebony men on each os key he make that poor piano moan with melody. O Blues! In The Weary Blues what oral communicat ion set a tonus for the poem? What is the t! one? The tone is kind of the likes of an ode to the blues so the tone is effective but its thankful at the same time. In Dream Boogie look at the beat of the lines. What happens as the poem evolves? How does this compare with Daybreak Express by Duke Ellington? They get shorter, therefore devising them faster. Compare Dream Boogie with The Weary Blues. How do the moods of the two poems...If you want to get a extensive essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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