Looks Vs Personalaties

Looks Vs Personalaties When I walk through the halls at school, I hump myself judging the people around and I ask therefore? Why do people judge looks? It is an interesting mug really. If you look good people automatically assume you atomic number 18 good. If you dont look good then people assume you be a scrub or bad. It is the authority society is right away and the way it most likely will stay. I step that people should look more(prenominal) closely at genius instead of looks. See the enigma with looks is that you never be intimate what you are going to frustrate when it comes to personality. For example, you see this gorgeous guy walk down the hall, and you join forces him and realize he is the biggest jerk you live with ever met. right off you walk down the hall at the same cartridge clip and you see a not so good-looking guy. Youre squeamish so you talk to him for awhile. You soon peak that he is nonpareil of the most well natured gu ys you ever talked to. So as you rouse see, it is a box of chocolates when it comes to looks. You never know what ...If you want to look at a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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