WWI - Write about the progression of WWI

In the year or 1914, tragedy struck. Millions lost their lives in the trial by ordeal and cost billions. What was this tragic character? It was population contend I, which lasted approximately 4-5 years. Why is it called a earth War? There were many countries involved, which caused devastating effects. There ar many causes that whitethorn cook lead to it, but in that respect are several specialized factors.         One factor that may have caused World War I was the Alliance System. startle of all, there was the central-power which included Germany and Austria-Hungary and the double Entente which included France, Russia, and bang-up Britain. The system was designed as to keep a flair from raise of war. It was believed that the countries would not want to go to war because that would mean chip everyone else. If there had been no Alliance System, maybe the size of this ordeal would not have been so devastating.          other reason World Wa r I arose was because of imperialism, the taking of some other realm by a stronger nation. It caused many controversies in fiber to rude(a) resources and borders. Europeans thought of imperialism as a sport, thus conduct to nationalism. getting as much land as achiev competent do the pile feel superior and have surcharge in their country because it portrayed how strong they were. Having said this, people would because want to gain more land.
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So how did they chance upon this? Well, they unflinching they would construct war materials and framing large armies, referred to as militarism. It short became a competition to see who would be able to build better weapons.      Â Â Â Â A third factor is the cultural str! uggles and involution in the Balkans. The Balkans was very ethnically diverse with Muslims and Slavs. What caused a major(ip) problem was the Serbians. They wanted their own country, however, Austria-Hungary could... If you want to give way a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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