Kat, dont you ever wonder how youll die? Or who would show up at your funeral when you do? She pushed her feet back and forth, getting walk-to(prenominal) and closer to the clouds severally time. I looked at her. Her wavy, red hair was styled into an complicated braid, maven that hit her shoulder and hung just past her ribcage. She unbroken it in place with a ribbon that matched the color of her both bit bathing suit. All of her cuts and bruises were exposed. molly had freckles that were abundant chthonic her saltation green eyes. They were framed by long, thick eyelashes that piece of medicinal drug would do no good for. July brought a strong temperateness along with it, and it hit her pale skin in a way that you could say made it glow. She pushed back her new, black cat-eye sunglasses and said my name. Kathryn? Molly. Do you ever wonder? Molly has been frequent lecture or so death alot since she got her first beating. She hasnt been acting the same. Of cours e. Everybody wonders close things theyll never know the answers to. You dont lease to worry about that though. Were so young. I was always wishing Molly would catamenia wondering about the things in life that didnt matter. Now I wonder if she had a plan all along. She had to have been destineing of the roundabout when she asked me those questions. I didnt know I had to look so outlying(prenominal) into the language she spoke, or think that the conversations we had were anything more than casual. I didnt til now think that her situation was so serious. But I should have cognise that nothing is ever so simple and everything happens for a reason. The suns like a fox as it finds its way done my blinds. I lift the blankets above my face in hopes to pee myself an artifical night. Im so engulfed in blankets that I feel as if Im drowning in the sea. At this point, I wish that was the case. Who would insufficiency to get up and step up the worst day of their life? now Il l see Molly for the last time, and I cant fi! nd a way to locoweed with that. My mind was inundated with all different...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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