Environmental Assessment

According to Narayan and Tennant (1997 ) and Etzel (2004 , there is a quest to re net wellness models , methods and strategies tallyly to accommodate developing literature on what constitutes health and welf atomic number 18 . Their opinion was particularly motivated by their several(prenominal) studies graduate on the conditional relation of the milieu on the health of two of the most vulner satisfactory population age groups , children and the older . Their opinion is supported by both Sugarman (2001 ) and Shulman (2006 , both of whom hint issue that the form of social representation and capacity of these groups adopt them more sensitive to social factors and changes that are divulgeside their controlBeckett (2002 ) points out that children s environss confound changed dramatically because of the social chan ges brought on by developments in technology , communication and culture . Etzel (2004 ) in particular considers the ground level of exposure , modes of absorption , health and metabolism restores and developing environsal-related threats much(prenominal) as communicable diseases and even terrorism as factors that dupe to incorporate effectively and urgently into current models . In a similar manner , Sattler and company (2001a 2001b ) believe that there is a need to develop new policies in schools to reflect the importee of environment to children , creating non only mounts that consider function and bema but alike the development and potential of children . Narayan and Tennnant (2001 ) belives that this concern should besides be reflected in geriatric care : nursing suffice out among the elderly highlight the need for sensitive and antiphonal to position not only needs but too to develop programs to support autonomy and productivity . A concern which according t o Lothian (2001 , is censorious to ensure t! hat the elderly do not depart socially excluded or disenfranchisedThese all highlight the opposition of the environment to someones rooted in the significance of social interaction in development and self-actualization , every someone needs to excite an environment that supports their needs and allows them to pursue their interest and well-being .
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heedless of 1 s background or orientation , one s environment is the setting by which these are developed in an individual (Etzel , 2004 . therefore , there is a need for interventions to consider environment in the delivery of services or interventions so that they are able to maintain their autonomy , self-worth and social value (Naraya n Tennnant , 2001 . In conclusion , there are many factors than order the sound out of an individual . Among these factors , an individual s environment is one of the most critical factors that influence one s experience , perceptions and responses . Thus , there is a need to evaluate its impact with the same level of predisposition and responsiveness as a testament to the significance of the concernReferencesBeckett , Chris (2002 . homophile ontogenesis and Development . Chicago : Sage Publications LtdNarayan , Mary C . and Tennant Julie (1997 . environmental . Home Health Care Nurse , 15 (11 : 799-805Sattler , Barbara , Afzal , Brenda M , Condon , Marian E , Belka , Erin K and McKee , Tonya M (2001a . environmentally bouncing Homes and Communities . Retrieved on January 29 , 2008 , from http /nursingworld .org /mods /archive /mod290 /cehmfull...If you want to lead astray a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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