Foreign Policy

The unify States finished a time period of obvious Destiny, followed by well-mannered War. We realized we had to become part of the global empire in ensnare to continue to prosper. Expansionism awakened in a new form-overseas enlargement. A concern over foreign affairs had erupted in the united States. In the last geezerhood of the nineteenth century there was very little electromotive lodge for territorial growth on the North American continent. As a result U.S. expanding uponism moved into a new phase. In the past, the nation had generally annexed land adjacent to its existing boundaries. (1)Between the civilized War and 1900, the U.S. began its apprenticeship as an imperial power. As early as the 1850s, the U.S. was sending troops to Argentina, Nicaragua, Japan, Uruguay and China, as well as eyeing dirty money rich Cuba for annexation purposes. The latter half of the Nineteenth coulomb was spent in industrialization and the installment and maintenance of a so cial order that would prove beneficial to capitalist expansion and progress. The frontier was eclipsed as a horizon of possibility and identity. As a reminder of its new found, national sense of self, the prohibitionist lands vast State Department building was built side by side(p) to the discolour House inaugurating an age of administrative self-consciousness as a world player.
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(2)However, the expansionism of the 1890s, involved controversial foreign policy tactic that resulted in America acquiring lands outside of the Continental United States. America found itself in a hotfoot with England, France, and Germany to figure out the underdeveloped world under control. umteen people i n America thought that the United States and! the Anglo-Saxon race had an responsibility to take over nations and people that was wonky and less civilized. Americans excessively felt that the economic future of the United States depended on the country expanding its holdings in the world. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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