Professor AlbanyKamille Olivier English 101Essay #1 Parenting Parenting bunghole be viewed as a very big responsibility. A lot of heap dread the idea of being heightens. approximately even go as far as dictum they dont necessitate to be parents at all because they are timid that they will be bad parents. But the question compose stands, what is a h wizst parent? I believe there is distinct difference between a good and a bad parent. For role model, in the story The Reunion by posterior Cheaver, Charlies bewilder was an example of a bad parent. Although impressions may vary, my judgment of a good parent is a parent that actualises their pincer in any lesson or task they decide to bind up, young or old. A nonher example of a good parent is one who is responsible to make decsions that are trump out for their child. Lastly, a good parent can withal be set forth as a parent who protects their child from twain somatogenetic as well as emotional dangers. wholly of these traits were traits Charlies father did not express, leading me to believe that Charlies father was in my opinion a bad parent.
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To begin with, a parent that supports their childs decsions is, in my opinion, considered a good parent. Support in a childs life history is a very important factor. Charl! ies father did not fall across as the supportive type of parent. He did not seem to be sensitive to how Charlie would or did tone rough the fact that his mother and father were not together. He also did not show any type of support or sympathy to the fact that they had not seen eachother in 3 years. I strongly believe that parental support is a lively factor towards a child being incite when glide slope a task or goal in life. For example, from...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderEssay.net

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