2008 Science Policy Positions of the two presidential candidates

Science policy has become a hot matter for presidential debate. As the whole world progressed steps appressed to more and more successfully high-technology and developing significantly in many vital areas, the general public have ordinate more attention and become more concerned more or less the relative issues of this Policy. Recently, the Senator Barack Obama and the Senator John McCain have issued answers to a series of questions almost scientific discipline policy facing America in their presidential apprehension debate respectively, and we will talk about their science policy positions on three different science issues as followed.
Senator Obama would increase federal investment in clean zippo by $150 billion over a decade, including investigate on alternative fuels and conservation. He stated that, in general, his programs would focalize both on an expanded program of federally funded animation research and on policies designed to speed the adoption of innovational energy technologies (Barack Obamas answers to the top 14 science questions facing America.). In fact, Senator Obama has already urged for 70 million barrels of oil to be sold from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve on early(a) August, 2008, which explained his stance on domestic offshore drilling for oil (Energy Policy Issues.). However, Senator McCain had a different plan.

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He said that he would speed the building of 45 new reactors by 2030 and father the government an ally but not an arbiter in developing alternative energy sources (John McCains answers to the top 14 science questions facing America.). Senator McCain also criticized the energy policy of Democratic tinct Senator Obama. He argued against drilling in some parts of the wild and said those areas must be left undisturbed. When America bemuse along aside the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, we called it a refuge for a reason, he said (McCain wants to lift ban on offshore drilling.).
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