How Sound Travels Through the Ear

There are three sections of the ear, the outer, middle and inner ear. from each one section of the ear has a role on how the sound travels to the brain. The sound you hear travels as a trembling to the ear. graduation the vibration enters through the audile canal which is located in the external ear. The vibration passes through the tympanic membrane, which is a rationalize membrane tightly stretched over the beginning of the middle ear. This membrane causes the three ossiculum bones to vibrate. The vibration of the three ossicle bones travels through the oval window, which is the beginning of the inner ear. at one time the vibration passes through the oval window and touches the fluid which causes a wave within the vestibular canal in the cochlea. The vibration from the waves causes the hair cells to sway back and forth in the pipe organ of corti. The organ of corti is located next to the fluid in the vestibular canal, which is inside the cochlea.
Once the hair cells receive the vibration, they release neurotransmitters.

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The sensory neuron receives the neurotransmitters released by the hair cells. The axons of the sensory neurons form the auditory meat. The auditory nerve carries the sign of the zodiac about the sound. The auditory nerve sends the signal to a center in the brainstem, there are several nuclei in the brainstem and the nuclei carry the signal to the nucleus in the thalamus. That nucleus is called the medial geniculate nucleus. Once the signal reaches the medial geniculate nucleus, it travels to the auditory cortex; which is located in the temporal lobe.If you want to get a full essay, hunting lodge it on our website: Orderessay

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