Origins of Personnel Hr Functions

Origins of Personnel HR Functions 2
Douglas McGregor
Douglas McGregor was born in 1906 in the regular army he was a lecturer at Harvard University and Massachusetts embed of Technology before moving to Antioch College to become president though returned to MIT some six years later where he remained for the equaliser of his career.
He was a trained social psychologist and was famed for his guess in which he recognised (and more importantly he was the first to name) that fundamentally there are two different styles of management. He named these Theory X and Theory Y. Theory X is based on the assumption that individuals only ever process reluctantly requiring an authoritarian management approach. Theory Y assumes that motivate and committed staff will commit to achieving the goals and objectives of the organisation.
Fredrick Herzberg
Like McGregor Herzberg was an American psychologist although he was in the clinical branch. He was particularly elicit in mental health issues driven by his exponentiation in Dachau concentration camp post liberation. He is noted for the hygiene-motivation otherwise referred to as two factor theory. Herzberg carried out search with two hundred engineers and accountants in which they were asked what they liked about their jobs and what they disliked.

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From the interrogation Herzberg concluded that humans have two sets of needs:
* natural depression level need - to avoid pain and deprivation (hygiene factors)
* risque level need - to develop. (motivators)
In brief his belief was that factors that come to an employees job satisfaction are motivators which include recognition, right and the opportunity for career progression) on the other hand factors that stimulate dissatisfaction are classed hygiene factors and consist of working conditions, poor kin with managers and company policies.
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