1. Nitrogen is needed for the synthesis of such molecules as amino acids, DNA, RNA and ATP

2. Briefly describe the process of ammonification. What happens to the ammonia that is released into the soil.

Ammonification is a stage of the normality cycle where which the organically bound atomic number 7 of microbial, plant, and animal biomass is recycled after their death and liberated as ammonium ions (NH4). It is mediated by several soil microorganisms called ammonifying bacteria on a lower floor aerobic conditions. It involves the input of the following enzymes: Gln Synthetase, Glu 2-oxoglutarate aminotransferase, Glu Dehydrogenase.

CH3 CHNH2 COOH + 1/2 O2 -----------------> C H3COCOOH      +      NH3
   Alanine                                    deaminase         Pyruvic acid               ammonia
The ammonium is taken up by plants as it is an important source of nitrogen for many species. Some ammonium is converted to nitrites and nitrates by bacteria.

3. What is the purpose of adding zinc

4.Name two anaerobiotic environments where you would expect denitrification to take place. (1)

denitrification only takes place in anaerobic environments where oxygen consumption exceeds the oxygen supply and where sufficient quantities of nitrate are present.

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These environments may include certain soils[15] and groundwater,[16] wetlands, oil reservoirs,[17] sick ventilated corners of the ocean, and in seafloor sediments.

5. Nitrogenase is inactivated in the presence of oxygen, so nitrogen fixing bacteria have evolved a number of divers(prenominal) mechanisms to protect this enzyme. Azotobacters have very high respiration rates, and this uses up the oxygen before it can enter the bacteria to impose on _or_ oppress the nitrogenase. As a result, azotobacters grow as a pellicle or fine film on the surface of the medium


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