A long way gone

A Long Way Gone
In Africa wars argon direct being fought by young boys, some have guns that are bigger than their bodies. Kids as young as 8 or 9 are being taken from their homes and brain rinse into killing machines. Most children this age do not bop any better because they are still developing mentally and learning social behaviors from the community around them. In A Long Way Gone Memories of a Boy spend by outcast Beah, he describes what it was like to be a child soldier. He recalls back on the gruesome memories he has stored in his mind from the 4 horrible years he had to suffer. castaway shows through this book that children who have been affected by the war were soulless killers, but by intensive succor re-established their compassion for others.
Ishmael lived in Sierra Leone, which is on the western coast of Africa. Himself, his brother and a friend set come forward for a nearby village called Mattru Jong to enter a gift show when they arrive at the village they uprise start that their home village has been attacked and soon enough the Mattru Jong will be as well. The boys k outright that their only option is to join with the insurrectionist soldiers otherwise, they will be killed. In fear of what is to happen to them the boys candidature to the forest trying to avoid the future for as wish as they could.

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One day after avoiding the repercussions of the rebel soldiers Ishmael loses his brother and is left alone wondering by himself. later on a month of Ishmael being, alone he meets up with boys he had gone to school with. Together they travel to a nearby village to find safety, there he find out that his family is supposedly safe in a nearby village. Ishmael sets out to find his family but when he gets there he sees the village up in flames. From seeing this site, Ishmael suffers from haunting nightmares. Ishmael and some other boys seek breastplate by traveling to Yele, there is when he is transformed into a boy soldier, only 13 years old. He has now become a killing machine like the rest....If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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