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Elemet report: posterior
Chemistry- Mrs.Denton

What exactly is Tin? Tin is a chemical substance element that belongs to the main

metal group. Its symbol is Sn, be hold its Latin spend a penny is Strannum. Anglo-Saxon

origin being tin, came from being Named after Etruscan god, Tinia. there is

evidence that Stone Age men utilise it 3,500 years ago. How the ancients

discovered it is still a mystery. People discovered that when combination Tin with

copper makes the metal easier to work with and thus, bring reality into the

Bronze age.

Twenty-two isotopes of tin are known. Ordinary Tin is composed of ten

stable isotopes, which is the largest amount in the episodic table. Thirteen

unstable isotopes have been recognized. Tin shows chemical relation to both

neighboring group 14 elements. It can be located between elements: indium

and antimony(side by side) and between atomic number 32 and Lead (top and bottom)

The Atomic mass of Tin is 50, which is a incantation number in nuclear physics.

There are 28 additional unstable isotopes that are known. Tin has a half life of

230,000 years, all the radioactive isotopes have a half-life of slight than a year.

Tin is obtained from the mineral, cassiterite, where it occurs as Tin


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Tin is greatly used in the commercial production in the victuals industry for

packaging. Usually coating other metals to prevent corrosion, desire in Tin cans.

Cases of Tin poisoning are some unknown, but studies have that 200 mg

consumed can cause nausea and vomiting, but it is not radio active. Tin is used

in the making of shabu to make it smoother, this is called float glass. Pipe

organs are usually made reveal of Tin because it is the most tonally resonant of all

metals. When being bent grass (in solid form) the metal makes a sound known as a

Tin cry which is caused by the Crystals bending. It sounds somewhat handle a

sheet of ice being broken.
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