Efforts By The U.S. Army To Transform

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Running head: Efforts by the U.S. force to transform

U.S. Military Transformation

MSG Aldo E. Galeana

unite States Army Sergeants Major Academy


Mr. Taylor, Clifton

28 September 2009

U.S. Army Transformation 2


The process of transforming for the U.S. Army today is to meet the future needs of the

battles to come. As we forecast the global war on terrorism and the difficult problems

associated with it, faulting is necessary for this unconventional uncertain world.

The strategic requirements for this global war, makes it unrealistic to know, when or

where our military will find themselves in battle in the following decades. So we must

look at the past, from the harsh lessons we convey learned and to know why the Army has

to transform.

U.S. Army Transformation 3


I. Introduction

II. Analysis

Resistance to change

Efforts by the U.

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S. Army to transform

The time is right

General Shinseki

III. digest and conclusion

U.S. Army Transformation 4


When the Unites States won the Cold War, it emerged as the crystallise super proponent in the

world, with this super power status, the United States took on the responsibility of

policing up the world. The challenges started when Operation Urgent hysterical neurosis started in

Panama and Operation Desert Shield and Storm started in the Middle East. As we found

out, the Army to defeat the Soviet summation was more than capable of defeating the new

enemy, only when the new enemy competent to our old tactics. As we moved into the new century

that the United States had the power and commitment to act and deploy to any place in

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