Eczema is a hide condition/disorder that makes the skin rough, inflamed, itchy, and poses original irritation to the infected areas. The condition originated from the Hellenic word eczema that is outlined as to boil over. Eczema is in like manner known as dermatitis the Greek word for and abnormal condition of the skin. The most common degree of eczema is called atopic eczema that refers to an inherited or developed allergic reaction. It hindquarters be found in infants where it is most commonly found as well as adults that have had traces of the condition prior to cosmos diagnosed. The skin cigarette be affected in various(a) spots of the body further is usually attracted to where the body has hop up such as the place where the arm and leg are bent.
The cause of eczema has yet to be determined but has been link to an abnormal function within the immune system. While approximately believe that the condition is genetic and has been passed down it also can be triggered by contact with different objects. Genes that carry abnormities that can prevent the skin from being normal can be passed down triggering a reaction to result in eczema. hurrying respiratory or colds can also be a trigger due to its ability of needing the immune system as well.

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On the other hand it can be triggered by reactions to certain substances that can come in contact with the skin such as soaps, detergents, or jewelry. The environment can also be a factor that controls the outbreaks of eczema such as humidity, the rapid change in temperature, and pet dander from various places. some other factor that makes the condition worsen is stress in which the soulfulness may experience when the condition does not clear up right away but it is best to remain tranquil and patient with the condition.
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