Plot Summary: Fifteen-year-old Tyrell does not have what anyone would call an blue-blooded life.  His father is in prison for illegal activities he participated in trying to earn money to pay the ret and launch food on the familys dinner table.  His mother realisems unable, or unwilling,  to provide for or even take c are of both of her two sons; Tyrell seems to be the only one looking stunned for his seven-year-old brother, Troy.  The familys financial problems are so dire that they fecal mattert make the rent payments on their apartment in the projects, and, so their shelter is being provided by the New York city Emergency Assistance Unit.  Tyrell calls it the E-A-U, and it is not a roam he or anyone he knows wants to be living.  But, living there, Tyrell is, in the roach-infested Bennett Motel, The postal service look like a bombed-out building from the outside, like something you see in them war movies.  Inside it aint no better.  The place stink like old sneakers, probably coiffe there aint no fresh pass around in here, (Booth, 2006, p. 19).
At the EAU Tyrell meets Jasmine, a teenage girl in an equally difficult family situation.  Tyrell and Jasmine hit it off, they can understand separately other in ways Tyrells other friends cannot, and Tyrell finds Jasmine exceedingly attractive.

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  But this attraction is complicated by the fact that Tyrell loves his girlfriend, Novisha, in truth much and has his whole future programmened out with her.  garbled by his feelings and living in chaos, Tyrell has a lot on his mind, too much, in fact, for him to bother going to school, a place that he feels is useless.  But, even with all of these obstacles, Tyrell comes up with a plan to make some money and get his family an apartment.  Is Tyrell a survivor?  Will his plan work?
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