Cell Theory

MCDB 1150

Text for semester:
Biological Science, Scott freewoman 2008 edition Part 1

• 1. how beingnesss work at molecular level • 2. how evolutionary history of an organism influences their traits • 3. how to think like a biologist

Online Student resources - Freeman
Chapter subscribe to Bioflix - not for Ch. 1 Web animations - Artificial Selection; origin to Exp. Design Discovery Videos: Cells; Charles Darwin Glossary - all terms in course defined Bioskills - reading a phylogenetic manoeuver Graphit! - Introduction to graphing eBook - online version of book


Unit 1 Foundation of raw Biological Science (Cell hypothesis and Theory of organic evolution by Natural Selection) Suggested reading for Unit 1: (Freeman, Chapter 1, pgs 1-17)
Powerpoints for Unit 1: • Cell Theory • Theory of developing by Natural Selection

Learning Goals for this Unit
2. rationalize how the two peachy founding ideas in biology, Cell Theory and the Theory of organic evolution by Natural Selection, are related conceptually. a. puff the image and process components of Cell Theory. b. Describe the pattern and process components of the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection. c.

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Explain how the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection can be meeted as a logical extension of Cell Theory.

Learning Goals for this Unit
3. Explain what makes living organisms unique among the complex systems we are familiar with (e.g. supercomputer or a space probe), in terms of how they process information, matter, and energy. a. Describe the defining properties of living organisms and indicate which of these properties are unique. b. Defend the view that living and non-living things obey the same laws of chemistry and physics. c. Explain what else is require besides the laws of chemistry and physics to understand the properties of living systems.

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