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But it was nice while it lasted. We were a sort of royalty, around infallible, with a sort of delusion around us (Fitzgerald, p. 1841). This magic the narrator, Charlie, speaks of in F. Scott Fitzgeralds story Babylon Revisited, is the feeling everyone had during most of the 1920s. economical growth and widespread prosperity characterized this era, which is why the great unwashed transitioned to a more loosely lived life. Dancing and drinking became favorite pastimes and the port of women became more risqué to say the least. Writer, Lucy Moore, goes as far as to supply this time period the name of the, booze-fueled decade (p. 109). Fitzgerald paints his readers a express ab come to the fore Americans in Paris after the onset of the dandy Depression in this specific work of literature. Although the story takes bum in present time and the main character is reformed, the compose still manages to recreate the sense of the Roaring Twenties done the use of dialogue, flashbacks, and imagery.
The story opens in the middle of a converse between Charlie and Alix, a bartender at the Ritz. This dialogue completely lets the reader know that the main character is recovering from a bit of a drinking problem. As the two conversate at the bar Charlie denies the offering of another drink.

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In return Alix congratulates him and states, You were spillage pretty strong a couple of years past (Fitzgerald, p. 1839). That comment is the first of many made through out the story that gives the audience an insight about how the majority of people lived their lives during the twenties. A large portion of the story also takes in a conversation between the main character and his infant and law. Marion explains to him why they have custody of his daughter when she says, When you were throwing away bills we were living along watching every ten francs (Fitzgerald, p. 1847). In return Charlie defends his actions by explaining that, I worked hard for ten years, you know- until I got lucky in the...If you want to get a encompassing essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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