Between Stars And Satellites

FADE IN: EXT. CAPRICORN II - lacuna A damaged lay station floats along the stars spitting fluids aside into space. This is the caprine animal II. LINCOLN (V.O.) My name is Christopher Lincoln. Im the commander of the Capricorn II. DISSOLVE TO: INT. CAPRICORN II - ROVING - SPACE We slowly scan the interior of the space station beholding the af circumstanceath of a horrible disaster. Hazard lights flash against the walls and throttle off steam and smoke filling the vessel. Fires burn up computer systems as the ships sprinklers rain down trying to ruin them. LINCOLN (V.O.) Our mission was to test the effects of long term living in space so that one daylight our research would help colonize men and women amongst the stars. We follow a smear of blood along the walls bringing us to a wall cove cherry in tally marks. There must be over a thousand. Above the marks on the wall reads THE END OF DAYS. LINCOLN (V.O.) (CONTD) The first mission, Capricorn I, was deemed a failure. Out of an eight man crew, only three returned to earth. All of them in critical condition. We were told that the pressure in space was too much for them to handle. Through one of the small fires we view a human tree trunk is engulfed by the flames. The man is already dead and the fire is acting like a sail sweeping away his ashes. LINCOLN (V.O.) (CONTD) Steps were taken.

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We wouldnt attract the same mistakes they did. Our mission was to spend four years on the ship collecting and conducting as much research as possible.


Continuing on we enter a room that looked as if it was the ships garden. All the plants have burned up and left the offend covered in dead rose pedals. Moving crosswise them we see a glass thump in the appal filled with a red tinted water. Doors on the glass box suddenly open letting a gust of red steam to rise out up to the ceiling. A body floats to the surface inside the box. LINCOLN (V.O.) (CONTD) It would have been the longest add up of time man has ever spent in a single space flight. The team was made...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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