Chapters 10 and 12 Presidency and the Media SAMANTHA SALERNO
1.What is true of nominees for federal judgeships?
1. They argon appointed for life by the electric chair with the advice and consent of the senate
2. They ar recruited from the current pool of US attorneys
3. They are nominated by the senate and approved by the House of Representatives
4. They are elected in popular elections in individual states
5. They must receive the acclaim of the American Bar associations upon nomination
2. In seeking members of the White kinfolk staff, Presidents primarily seek people who
1. Are personally liege to the President.
2. Give the white house an ideological balance
3. Have gigantic g all overnmental experience
4. Will help the President develop a good working relationship with Congress
5. Can bring impartiality perspective to policy deliberations.
3.What can a president non do with a ban?
1. Veto only a section of the bill.
2. Veto the whole bill
3. Threaten veto bills to sum up leverage with congress
4. Revise the bill
4. The use of use up primaries instead of he convention system in selecting presidential candidates results in

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A weakening of party control over nominations and an increase in the number of people involved in the pickaxe of candidates.
2. A reduction in the cost of electional campaigns
3. An increase in the number of people involved in the choice of candidates
4. An increase in voter turnout in the midterm exam elections
5. In general, Congress is most likely to defer to the president
1. In an area of foreign policy.
2. In an area of fiscal policy
3. In the area of society policy
4. Late in the presidents term
5. When the economy is strong
6. In trying to influence legislation, the President is primarily more successful than congressional leaders in
1. exploitation the media to set the policy agenda.
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