Doctorine Of Apparant Authority

The use of the school of thought of app atomic number 18nt authority has increased everywhere the past few years. pull up stakes have major implications in malpractice cases against infirmarys. The Doctrine of Apparent Authority states that the hospital is liable for the sloppiness of certain docs, even though they are not compensable employees of the hospital.
This means that a patient that is treated by a physician at hospital will assume that the physician is part of the hospital staff, since they are being treated at the hospital. Most patients do not understand, or even opine that the hospital contracts some of their physician positions from contract companies. The hospital will be liable, even when the physicians are not hospital employees. The easiest trend to understand it is if the physician is practicing at a hospital than the hospital is liable if any malpractice suits should arise.
The patients will imply that the physician is a hospital employee. The patient will assume that the doctor, whether it is a Radiologist, Pathologist, or Specialist, is a hospital employee because the hospital assigned the physician to the patient. Usually, the hospital grants the recruited physician privileges to practice medicine in the hospital.

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The majority of the recruited physicians are paid by the hospital as contractors rather than as employees, the distinction is not usually disclosed to the patient who thinks when he goes to the hospital for treatment, that the physicians provided to treat him are employed by the hospital. In certain instances and in certain states a hospital may be held liable for negligence of its contract physicians under the doctrine of apparent authority.
A hospital administrator must do their research into the doctrine of apparent authority, especially if the hospital has contracted physicians. There are many issues that need to be address with the doctrine.
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