1.0 Introduction
Globalisation is a mould that has paved way for the egress of borderless world, was all the barriers ar lifted and all the people atomic number 18 allowed to engage in free cover. Scholars have tried to localize the process of globalisation in various ways wholeness of the main definitions of globalisation is as follows.
Globalization, or globalisation, is an increasing interdependence, desegregation and interaction among people and corporations in different locations around the world. It is a term which refers to a complex of economic, trade, social, technological, cultural and political interrelationships. (Globalenvision, 2007)
With the return of globalisation, people around the world are more affiliated to each other than ever before. Information and m one and only(a)y are more quickly travelled than ever. Goods and services produced in one part of the world are made available in all and different parts of the world. International travels are usual nowadays and the International communication became ordinary. This phenomenon has been titled globalization.

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(Thomas Friedman; 1999:P4)
It is a process by which the entire world comes into one single foodstuff and this means that the operations of goods and services, capital and labour are trade on a worldwide basis, and the research of information and the results return readily between the countries. The rig out of cheap sea violate and the telegram contributed to this process in the 19th century. Cheap direct travel, the telephone, and the computer, continued the process in the 20th century. It is possible that the rise of the internet and the start which has been made on liberalize global trade in services allow for continue this exertion in the 21st century. This shows that with the help of these developments in communication and technology, it will be more useful for the developing countries to improve the parsimony their country. (International Federation of Social Workers, 2005)
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