Man Best Friend

Dogs are usually man best associate. My best friend is a hamster, his names sha-woo. His has the chrastics of a palm s sizing mooring b auricula atrii. He lives in a nice malleable batting cage made for slender rodents like him self. Sha-woo is a nocturnal animal, so he has a in truth unique life historystyle. that is very interesting.

Sha-woo is a Syrian hamster also k flat as teddy bear hamster. For his teddy bear like features. Sha-woo is about 5 inches long with a golden brown coloration and it go aways trans style on his belly. He also has dark markings on his cheeks extending from his ear down towards his jaw. His hair is long and soft. Sha-woo also beat a tiny bite mark on his left hep from another hamster at the pet shop.

Sha-woo lives in a piss plastic barn like cage, it just does not have barn doors. His cage has the ability to in stall a various types of tubes and compartments that can be purchased as add-ons. The cage has tercet ports for sha-woo to exit out of. One goes to his exercise wheel that is anonany engross during the late night hours. The second goes to a well express yellow tube that goes up to his tower compartment. The last port is close off future attachments.

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Yet a small living environment sha-woo has adapted to this great home environment.

If you was to come after sha-woo you would see he lives a very interesting life lifestyle. Sha-woo sleeps all day long and around 10 pm he wake up and beings his day by eating, nevertheless he does not eat from his dish bowl I the main area. He fills his cheeks with food and then transports his food up to his compartment to eat.

At times sha-woo trys to escape from his cage and run a way, but I k now his not trying to run a way he is trying to run closer to me. .I love my hamster, he is a wonderful pet. To me he defines the meaning of mans best friend.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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