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The consternation of consequences in, Arthur Millers The crucible, leads to the unraveling of the Salem federation. The constant pointing of fingers in the Salem society speedily leads to the destruction. This is explained in a quote from Richard Hayes in his piece Hysteria and Ideology in The Crucible.
“The strange deterrent example alchemy by which the accused becomes inviolable; the disrepute which overtakes the testimonial of simple intelligence; the insistence on public penitence; the allow foringness to absolve if guilt is confessed.” (Hayes)
All of this takes place in The Crucible and leads to the dissolution of Salem . The Girls are afraid of the consequences they will percolate for dancing in the woodland. They wait until the situation becomes inescapable to quickly point the finger to other characters with in the play. Their fear creates a domino effect of blame within their society. There are many situations within The Crucible that are perfect examples of the fear of consequences. Many involve the group of girls caught dancing in the woods at the beginning of the play.
When Abby finds herself caught up in her lies about what really happened in the woods that night. Abby knows she is in trouble for not telling the truth, so instead of taking the consequences that should come from her untruthfulness.

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When Abby has no where else to function and knows her luck is running out, she quickly jumps to pointing the finger at Tituba, the maidservant from Barbados .
“Hale, Grasping Abigail: Abigail, it may be your cousin is dying. Did you call the tease last night?
Abigail: I never called him! Tituba, Tituba...
Paris, blanched: She called the amaze!” (Miller 42)
Her fear of being caught and possibly being killed herself, she throws someone else downstairs the bus to save herself. In this guessing, Abigail starts the domino effect that will continue through the book, until the very last page.
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