Why the Reds Won the Civil War

Was the disunity of the Whites the main fountain why the Bolsheviks won the Civil warfare of 1918-1921?

I disagree with this statement and believe that the real reason the Bolsheviks won was through strong leadership and tacticss of Trotsky and Lenin sort of than the disunity of the Whites.
Although the disunity of the whites wasnt the main reason that the Bolsheviks won it was definitely a contributing factor. The Whites was a compilation of different movements all of which had aims other than to defeat the Bolsheviks. For example the Mensheviks and the supporters of the Tsar would have disagreed on many terms; this may have made it hard for them to cultivate as an organised unit. The fact that the leader of the movement whole represented one of the factions also built up the tightness between them.
However I think that the leadership of Lenin and Trotsky was a larger contributing factor. The men were more loyal to the take if not from belief but because their families had been taken hostage by Trotsky. Furthermore the Trotsky permitted the assassination of the Tsar; this was a good tactic as it immediately killed the cause of a large property of the White army.

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The discipline of the Red army was also practically better; this is because there were much more severe punishments for noncompliance than with the Whites. The main body of the Red Army were workers and army conscripts, then they were more experienced that the Whites when it came to tactics and combat. Trotsky also made accredited that his men were well fed by rationing the supplies and taking food away from peasants, they also took over arms factories so that they of all time had equipment and ammunition which the White Army did not always have.
In addition the Reds had a territorial advantage as their enemies were spread around edge of Russia whilst the Bolsheviks had the main communication lines. They were sufficient to swiftly move troops by train whilst the Whites were employ less efficient ways. Furthermore, these...If you want to get a estimable essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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