An Inconvenient Truth or Opportune Deceit

Running Head: AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH OR well-timed(prenominal) DECEIT

An Inconvenient verity or Opportune Deceit
Donna Adame
Northcentral University

Inconvenient Truth or Opportune Deceit

The environmental crisis that threatens the survival of hu small-arm culture is what is often described as global warming. Most environmental groups, journalists and scientists agree that global warming exists and is also referred to as humour change (Murray 2008). Climate change is not just a scientific topic but also a bet of public and political debate, and degrees of uncertainty and various claims and counterclaims may be manipulated to suit the interests of the various stakeholders (Schneider 2005).

While thither are no scientific studies that deny global warming and global alter exist. Global warming is real and carbon dioxide emissions are contribute to it, but it is not a crisis (CEI Staff 2008). It is fact that there have been periods of warming and cooling in the earths atmosphere due to crosspatch core data and different types of research, none of which are conclusive that climate change is man maid.

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Yet the dire warnings of Carbon dioxide (CO2) from mankinds do of fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas building up in the atmosphere could increase sea levels by 20 feet, spin up deadly hurricanes and plunge Europe into an ice age (Leaf, Verolme and Hunt 2003).

Figure 1 illustrates how carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, traps heat that would otherwise escape into outer pose (Kiehl 1997). Whether science supports these and other scary predictions touted as a scientific consensus recent data shown in Figure 2 from the topic Climatic Data Center show that for the year 2008, the comely temperature across the continental United States was 1.34ºF lower than in 2007, and one-quarter of a degree above the long-term 1901-2000 average (NCDC 2009). It is also suggested that global warming in the 21st century is plausibly to be modest, and the...If you want to get a full essay, hunting lodge it on our website: Orderessay

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