When hotshot watches The Matrix, they may perceive it as a electrifying movie, filled with action, meant to entertain. However, when one looks deeper into The Matrix, they might find many instances where the Catholic confidence is portrayed. Even Christology, the core idea of our Catholic faith can be found if one watches and listens carefully to the details. devil different forms of Christology can be perceive by this comment: ascending and descending Christology. The main character of The Matrix, neo, can well be compared to Jesus Christ through pop out the movie. However, he isnt the only one compared to an important biblical figure. How can a single movie meant for entertainment be compared to the Bible? one might ask?
In the beginning of The Matrix, we are introduced to doubting Thomas Anderson, besides known as Neo, who lives a simple, human life. scantily by looking at his name we can fix that Anderson, translated into The One in Greek, is a foreshadowing of what might slip by later on in the movie. We soon find out that Neo has been chosen to complete a special task, exactly as Jesus was. In other words, Neo is perceived as The One when Jesus was also thought of as The Anointed One. Both are perceived as saviors or Messiahs. However, gaint be fooled.

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Neo didnt know obligation off the bat that he was The One, unlike Jesus, who knew what his task was from the beginning. erstwhile Neo and Jesus knew their tasks, they both had choices to make. Jesus had a encounter to take the easy way out in the tend of Gethsemane and escape however, he chose not to, just as Neo had to choose between the red and blue pills. Neo also learned that he was going to have to choose every his own life or Morpheuss and he chose to apply himself, instead of taking the safe way out. Neo does this because he believes it is the right thing to do and he knows that if the agents get interior Morpheuss head, then the rest of the Matrix is doomed. In the very(prenominal) way we see Jesus sacrifice himself because he knows...If you trust to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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