Construction of Race in America

Arnold Trujillo
Nov 14th 2012
Prof Dr. Bunting

Midterm #1

This country preaches fair to middling veracious for every trunk and god given arights to all men, but that is not the truth, the coupled States has been a hypocrite in many ways. One of these hypocrisies is the suppression of the right to vote in our democratic system. Thomas Jefferson should imbibe included rights for all men except any body not colour. Lets get that pointed out all African Americans had no rights to participate in any electoral elections, and to flummox things worse not all whites were given the rights to vote. Back in 1789 you had to be of a certain creed with an x add of wealth and property to vote, which was a small amount of the creation at the era. Individually, the sates began to abolish property requirements and by 1830 adult white males were able to vote, but still excluding African American and women the right to vote. Certain women were given the rights to vote such(prenominal) as widows who possess property were given an exclusive right to vote. As time passed by and the progressive movement by the north totality to abolish slavery the house of representatives did the radical step of difference the 13th am residualment abolishing slavery of course that didnt really end slavery, the civil war did.

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It took five years later to administer African American males the right to vote with 15th amendment passed in 1870. Yes this was a great thing but with progress comes a set back of anger from those you take power from, olibanum comes in the Jim crow laws. The jim crow laws were claim and local laws mostly in southern states enacted between 1876 and 1965. The unit of measurement philosophy it mandated was de jure racial segregation. This was enacted to push separate but equal for African Americans, separate yes but equal no. they enacted such restraints to vote such al poll taxes which were to expensive to requital for African Americans who were all in poverty, with poverty comes the inability to trail yourself, and they also...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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