Criminal Law Evaluation

sad Law Evaluation


August 1, 2011

Criminal Law Evaluation

Laws spend a penny every unitarys life safer and more pleasant. Without laws we could not hold on to our victorianty. We could not go to bed at night expecting to screening up and find that we had not been robbed. Social life would be impossible without laws to control the way people treat one another. It is not the law that people should fear, it is the trouble that comes to everyone when the laws atomic number 18 broken. This is where illegal laws come into play.
Criminal law is the body of rules and regulations that defines and specifies punishments for offenses of a humankind nature or for wrongs committed against the state or parliamentary law. (Schm aloneeger, F., 2010, p. 5) Criminal laws are enforced on local, state, and also federal levels. These laws are enacted to keep a standard of conduct which is acceptable inwardly society. Criminal laws are also made to keep society safe from sinfuls.
The purpose of criminal law is to set a standard of no tolerance for any type of criminal behavior. In a sense, it can be viewed as no offensive activity will go unpunished. Law enforcement officers are aerated with the responsibility of keeping their communities safe and hatred free. When a crime is committed law enforcement contact is the first stop.

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Once all the information has been gathered regarding the crime it is given to the district attorney, or prosecutor, to decide if a crime has been committed and to file the proper charges against an individual(s) accordingly. This is where criminal law begins.
If charges are filed against someone, he or she wherefore becomes involved in the court system. Courts are charged with the use of criminal cases as they are implied by the law. Courts also consider civil cases. In following criminal laws that have already been enacted, if a defendant is found guilty, or pleads guilty, of a crime he or she is then given a denounce of punishment in correspondence to the law as written.
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