Principles of Safe Guarding and Protection in Health and Social C atomic number 18

1.1 plant the following types of maltreat.

* Physical Hitting, slapping, pushing or kicking, forcing people to use up or take medication, leaving people to sit in urine or faeces.

* Sexual Unwanted advances, indecent vulnerability or harassment, rough washing or touching of the genital area, rape, be forced to watch or participate in sexual acts.

* Emotional / psychological Intimidation, non being included, being ignored, threats, bullying, humiliating and blaming. These include discrimination that relates to age, race, gender, sexuality, culture, religion etc.

* Financial utilize an individuals money without their permission or on items they have not requested, not good- controling correct change, victorious store card points, taking the free item of purchase one get one free. not giving individuals enough money for food and essential items.

* Institutional forgetful cautiousness to people in group environments, for example, in a residential care home or in a day centre. Food choices not provided for individuals with different dietary needs or requirements. Rooms and clothing not being unplowed clean.

* Self neglect Individual not eating, washing, dressing properly. Not looking after themselves.

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* Neglect by others Inadequate care or denial of an individuals basic rights.

1.2 name the signs andor symptoms associated with each type of abuse

With all types of abuse, it is essential to look for signs of abnormal and different
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