Great innovative product
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Challenges in thrumting people to care about a product that hasn’t been looked at
Our recommendations will set Cumberland up to penetrate this market place
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Market Opportunity – Market Size Exhibit!!
figure 165,750 total CMI metal pads
Total market value at $217 per pad is $36m
TCO for rental companies shows it is not a market we should go after (exhibit)
Based on our depth psychology think we can capture 7.5% of owner, and 1% of the rental market
Our focus is to do this profitably because…. JUSTIN DO YOUR invocation HERE
Risks and Mitigations??
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*What harm and why they care*.

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Our price is base on these things:
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Price to supply houses: $1300 (set of 6) (here are the details)
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End user buys for $2000 (here are the details)
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Risks & mitigations
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How to sell
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*How much to produce & Income effect* – Income Statement instal and Production Schedule Exhibits!!
Based on our price and market share we think we can capture we should do the spare-time activity:
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Risks & Mitigations??
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