Many phrases could be use to describe someone. The word that best describes me is Diverse. I am a very diverse individual. Diversity applies to all(prenominal) the qualities that make people different. I pack views and actions that make me different in many ways. I am very unique and different.
Socially, I am diverse. I am diverse in my actions. I think and act differently than anyone else. I always think something out and take my time. I am c areful not to react hastily, I loss to avoid conflict. Socially, I am also diverse because of all my different booster units or acquaintances. I nurse a friend base mostly with guys, my age, and who play the same sports as me. I induce friends who Ive known since elementary. Friends from different states as come up as friends from my juicy school years, adults Ive met, etc… I sift to stay in touch with all the people I consider friends, such as people I used to talk to a lot and people I charm everyday. I am diverse in my range of friends.
Academically, I am very diverse. In most schools you have the kids who are serious and live on good grades and you have the kids who goof off, have fun, and get bad grades. I neer really have a dull moment at school; Im always laughing or talking with my friends.

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I get very good grades in school; I do well on tests, and have a honourable GPA and class rank. I pay attention in class and show the instructor respect, unless I feel the teacher has shown me no respect. As a senior in high school I expect to be shown respect and bench vise versa. Im not here to make a teachers day bad or anything standardized that, I think it undermines the reason we are at school, which is to learn. I feel like you get out what you put in, so if you dont come to school to learn, you will plausibly not get good grades and most likely never achieve anything. You will most likely focus solo on your social life and forget that youre supposed(p) to be learning stuff and acquiring skills. Academically, I get good grades,...If you want to get a full essay, auberge it on our website: Orderessay

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