The US elegant war
Donovan Sommerville
Carrie Schlicht

The US Civil War was fought on the grounds that the Northern and sulphurern set forth of the United States had genuinely different and conflicting views about how spirit in America should be lived. The Confederate phalanx of the South led by General Robert E. Lee fought against the Union Army of the North that was led by General Ulysses S. Grant. Many American citizens lost their lives fighting to gain independency; all of the battles were very costly and horrifying. Many people say that the Civil War was the bloodiest war fought on US soil in American history. chairman Abraham Lincoln believed that all of the states should abide by the alike(p) federal government laws and policies. Lincoln utilise lethal top executive to uphold the federal government and he also cute to do a expressive style with slavery. The US Civil War was a very grave battle in the midst of regular citizens; even so the ultimate result was unifying a Nation that was at a time divided.
On November 6, 1860, Abraham Lincoln was elected the first Republican President of the United States by receiving 180 of 380 electoral votes. Lincoln stated that the Government cannot endure permanently half slave, half emancipate. (The History Place, 1996).

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Lincoln believed that war was the only way that he could save the Union. Lincoln thought the separation between states was illegal, and was prepared to use cogency to protect Federal integrity and the Union. (Abraham Lincoln, n.d.). The US Civil War was fought from 1861 to 1865, and had over 618,000 American casualties. Most of the causes can be linked back to rage that began early in the Nations history. The economic and well-disposed difference between the North and South is angiotensin converting enzyme of the numerous reasons that caused the War. The Southerners main source was cotton, since the southern economy became a one crop economy, many people depended on cotton and they used slaves to work in the cotton fields. There was a gigantic increase in the building...If you want to get a dear essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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