Eatting Habits

Nowadays,young people spend more time on honoring TV , clubbing with friends or take in mass-produced nutriment when they coquet computer games,which has bad force on their health.In my depression children should be knowledgeable to figure for their health and their normal manner of living which doesn`t include so swamped lifestyle.
To begin with,lots of research worker said that children from the present and futre eat less vegetables and fruit than antecedent generation.Today,young people prefer eating fast victuals pan food despite the fact that this kind of food be extremely high in sugar and fats and can suffering their health.For instance if you ask a student what he eating at direct he will answer you pizza pie or something like , generation of nowadays doesn`t hold how the food impact on their health ,because of this the fruit ,vegetables and home-made food are in background.
Moreover,it`s schocking that children don`t do sports at all .Recently,they watch tv or play computer games in their uncaring time instead of pickings place in particular outdoor activities.For example,my friend`s sister,who is eight years old,prefer playing on the computer than sped her free time with her friends outside .
The last but not the least young don`t walk anymore.

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They don`t go to school on foot at all,they think it is mend to go by bus or by car while you can walk or go by bicycle .For instance,although lots of my classmates live near our school ,they go by taxi or by their parents` cars,which impact badly on their health .
To sum up,every children think it`s more delicious to eat hamburger than apple,but this can damaged their health.In my point of view there will be devasting effets on people`s health and lifestyle in the future if this type of life wont be changed .Young people and children should learned that doing exercises,or just wakin more, and eating more healthier food it is better for their lives.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: Orderessay

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