Finance Paper

1) The true owners of the corporation are the:
A. board of directors of the firm.
B. common stockholders.
C. holders of debt issues of the firm.
D. favorite(a) stockholders.

2) Which of the following best describes the goal of the firm?
A. The maximization of the summate market value of the firms common stock]
B. boodle maximization
C. Risk minimization
D. none of the above

3) Which of the following categories of owners have limited liability?
A. General partners
B. mend proprietors
C. Shareholders of a corporation
D. Both a and b

4) __________ is a method of whirl securities to a limited number of investors.
A. Public offering
B. Syndicated underwriting
C. Initial world offering
D. Private placement

5) Which of the following would increase the need for external justice?
A. A reduction in corporate profits
B. A seasonal worker reduction in sales revenues
C. Inadequate investment opportunities
D. A slow-down in economic growth

6) Which of the following does NOT involve underwriting by an investment banker?
A. Syndicated purchases
B. Commission basis purchases
C. Competitive bid purchases
D. Negotiated purchases

7) concord to the agency problem, _________ represent the principals of a corporation.
A. employees
B. suppliers
C. shareholders

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8) Which of the following is NOT a principle of basic financial management?
A. Risk/ hold tradeoff
B. Incremental cash flow counts
C. Efficient capital markets
D. Profit is king

9) Difficulty in finding profitable projects is due to:
A. cordial responsibility.
B. competitive markets.
C. ethical dilemmas.
D. opportunity costs.

10) Marshall Networks, Inc. has a heart and soul asset turnover of 2.5% and a net profit allowance account of 3.5%. The firm has a return on equity of 17.5%. engineer Marshalls debt ratio.
A. 30%
B. 40%
C. 50%
D. 60%

11) Another refer for the acid test ratio is the:
A. current ratio.
B. quick ratio.
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