Human Resource Frame

The Human Resource Frame focusing on the require of the people as well as their roles, skills, interests, values, and interactions.

organizations exist to aid human needs
organizations and people need each new(prenominal)
the fit of people and organization is critical

Human Resources Frame
McGregor of MIT helped rise ideas. Open system, communication of good and bad news, self-managing teams, peer-controlled pay system. This sick regards peoples skills, attitudes, energy, commitment. This frame champions idea that orgs can be stimulating, rewarding, and productive. If org concerns itself with its peoples welfare then(prenominal) it will succeed.
Maslows hierarchy of human needs:
Physiological (oxygen, water, food, comfort)
caoutchouc (safe from attack)
Belongingness and Love
Esteem (to feel value of self)
Self-actualization (to reach ones potential)
Managers assumptions virtually people develop self-fulfilling prophecies. If you have low expectations you will pick out low productivity.

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If conflicts arise people tend to:
become apathetic, passive, indifferent
resist (sabotage, featherbedding, deception)
try to climb hierarchy to breach jobs
form groups (unions)
teach children negative things about work
up HR Management
David Owen Wales 1771, knitting mills. Stopped child labor, sent them to schools. He cared for his workers by giving clean safe homes. Preschool, child care, and schools. He knew value of human capital.
Invest in People
get hold of right
Reward well
Provide job aegis
Promote from within
Train and Educate Dewey: Learn by doing OJT
Share the wealth
Autonomy and Participation
frolic Enrichment and Cross-Utilization
Democracy and Egalitarianism
TQM = Total Quality Management
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